Social impact

Successful applicants will have a clear idea of how they will create social impact and how their model works/does not work.

LSV is looking for ventures that focus on social problems such as social or economic exclusion, community development or the development of the social economy sector in Sweden. Currently LSV is focusing on inclusion of foreign born migrants, mental ill health and tech innovation for social good.

Successful entrepreneurs do not only work for money, they work for the value their solution creates for their customers. They are adamant in understanding the effects of their value proposition in real life.

Out of the applications LSV has received (192), 90% are focused on social problems and 40% are focused on the problems LSV is specifically targeting in 2014-2016.

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White Papers

Integration – a theme for social innovation and LSV

White Papers

Mental health – a case for social innovation and LSV


Amir Sajadi – a businessman, investor and social entrepreneur

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