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LSV evaluates of Social Outcome Contract in Norrköping Municipality

In the spring of 2014, Leksell Social Ventures (LSV) took the initiative to establish the first social outcomes contract in Sweden, resulting in 2016 to the launch of Sweden’s first social outcomes contract (aka Social Impact Bond) in collaboration with Norrköping Municipality and Sweden’s Municipalities and County Council (SKL).

As an investor, LSV’s ambition was and is to contribute to the construction of a transparent market for financially sustainable outcomes-based social investments. In this newly published report, we at Leksell Social Ventures wish to summarize and share our observations and lessons learned from the investors perspective as we approach half time (final reporting of the contract is expected in 2021) – keeping in mind our ambition to contribute to the creation of an outcome-based market for social investments!

Read our report here:

Report: Social Outcomes Contract_September 2019

Also keep your eyes peeled for announcements about further discussions this fall about these observations and lessons learned – we are looking forward to discuss with all relevant actors how we take the next step in building and outcome-based social investment market.

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