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LSV builds portfolio of social investments

During the second half of 2018 LSV did three direct investments with the ambition to lay a foundation for a  portfolio based around the thematic topics of mental health, education and integration. With these three initial holdings, LSV has taken the first step towards the realisation of our ambition to act as a catalyst, creating and scaling innovative solution for complex problems by supporting social entrepreneurs. During 2019 LSV will continue to identify and invest in several social ventures within the areas of mental health, education and integration.


Meru Health is a digital clinic for mental health. Their clinic offers an app-based treatment program that is supported by remote licensed therapists, smart data-analytics to individualize treatment and a pay-only-for-outcomes business model.

Staffing foreign-born competence: Just Arrived matches foreign-born candidates with employers by offering solutions centred around renting staff and direct recruitments.Through its broad networks, Just Arrived captures more competency in Sweden – thus creating better businesses, better organisations and a better society.

AI for education: Sana Labs applies the latest within machine-learning in order to create personalised education. Education companies across the world use Sana’s all encompassing machine-learning platform, relying on its special API that recommends the optimal next step for every unique student, in every given situation in order to optimise students’ engagement and knowledge. Founded 2016 in Sweden, Sana Labs is leading the development within the global education industry when it comes to develop personalised and adaptive instuction and assessment.

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