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Apply for up to 8 million SEK with your initiative – LSVs application window is open until the 15th of November

LSV has during October launched the application window towards social entrepreneurs in need of financing.

We have previously published similar announcements, with many good examples of social innovations.

This time around, the announcement is even more clearly targeted towards our focus areas and how the quality of the applications develop as we become more specific and clearly states the investment criteria with which LSV works. Our hope is to make it easier for the initiatives to identify if LSV is a relevant actor for them, and also encourage new initiatives through clear needs in the sector.

If you have a good business model that creates effective and measurable social benefit for a clearly defined target group, you are more than welcome to apply. The application window is open up until the 15th of November. The application window is in Swedish, but non-Swedish speaking people are of course more than welcome to apply.



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