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Leksell Social Ventures wants to see more pragmatic investment and business models that pick up the power of several players and that remove barriers to cooperation between, for example, investors, the public and private sectors. An example that manifests this philosophy is our recent investment in the company Health Integrator (together with, among others, Luminar Ventures.)

The collaboration with Health Integrator is an investment that we pay attention to as a good example of a societal improvement, or “impact” investment. This is because Health Integrator is a company that has built its operations around preventive health, with a cross-sectoral collaboration between private and public and a financing model that enables an individual outcome and result to be put in focus.

Health Integrator helps individuals to better living habits and health based on their individual conditions and needs – all to avoid getting sick. It is a new and unique health platform that gives individuals easy access to a large number of activities and health services gathered in a digital marketplace. With the help of a health educator and tests, you choose your tailored health services and payment methods.

LSV’s goal with the investment in Health Integrator is to catalyze the social benefits and opportunities associated with preventive health initiatives – and to do this in collaboration with the public sector in order to build a sustainable market for preventive health initiatives. We are thus happy about Health Integrator’s collaboration with the Stockholm Region, where the service will be used for a new, long-term wellness initiative to prevent chronic public health diseases with an initial focus on risk groups within type 2 diabetes. The Stockholm Region finances the long-term prevention investment with a health bond, a Health Impact Bond, with approximately SEK 30 million.

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