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Social innovation – For a better Sweden

Leksell Social Ventures is an investment company supporting social entrepreneurship and social innovation in order to drive societal change and create a better Sweden.

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“I have spent my professional life in entrepreneurial endeavour and I have seen how new ideas can elevate individuals and the society around them. I sometimes say that society is bigger than the state. With that I mean to say that private, public and non-profit sectors need to collaborate if we are to effectively address the social problems of our time. This is the imperative behind Leksell Social Ventures, to drive social innovation and collaboration between sectors, for a better Sweden.” - Laurent Leksell

Our method: Leksell Social Ventures (LSV) contributes to social innovation and societal development by giving social entrepreneurs and social ideas the necessary prerequisites to develop and progress – through financing, idea development and networking with private, public and nonprofit actors. Our work is comprised of two main workstreams:

  • Direct Investment: LSV invests in scalable, sustainable and directed entrepreneurs and ideas that are evidence based and have measurable social impact.
  • Outcome Models: LSV builds and invests into structural and preventive social service models that enable increased outcome within social and health-related areas.
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